Whistleblower nurse who accused largest children's hospital in U.S of illegally using benefits to give kids free sex change operations says FBI issued threats on her doorstop

2024-06-20 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13549375/Whistleblower-nurse-benefits-free-sex-change-FBI-threats.html HaiPress

A whistleblower nurse who accused the largest children's hospital in the US of illegally using Medicaid to offer children free sex change operations claims the FBI showed up at her doorstep and threatened her.

Vanessa Sivadge told journalist Chris Rufo that her employer,the Texas Children's Hospital,was violating state law by using the benefits to provide sex change operations to minors. 

She further alleged that doctors at the hospital were manipulating patients into accepting 'gender-affirming care,and said she believed that some families feared the doctors would call Child Protective Services if they dissented.

But after speaking with Rufo about what she had seen,Sivadge claimed two FBI agents showed up at her door - sharing doorbell camera footage with him showing two plain-clothes agents knocking on the door and asking for her.

State Rep. Brian Harrison is calling on the Texas House to investigate the allegations

Haim has now been indicted on four counts of violating HIPPA medical privacy laws,but he insists he did nothing wrong.

Though he released private medical files that detailed trans medical procedures on children as young as 12,he says the identities of patients had been redacted.

Donations have since poured into Haim's legal defense fund,with supporters praising him for 'holding the line' and 'standing up for children' in the face of 'corruption' at the hospital.

Meanwhile,Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton said he is investigating the claims,and State Rep. Brian Harrison called for an emergency hearing over the allegations that the US Justice Department intimidated the whistleblowers.

'It is absolutely outrageous that [the] DOJ - instead of targeting the medical professionals who were abusing Texas children - is apparently protecting them by silencing those that would stand up against these abusive and illegal practices,' Harrison,a Republican,wrote in a letter to Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan.

'The Texas House of Representatives must not sit idly by and allow this federal overreach to occur,' he continued.

'Texas must lead the nation in the defense of the next generation and state sovereignty.'

Harrison also shared the letter on X,writing: 'The [Texas] House must not allow the Biden Administration to aid and abet CHILD ABUSE and MEDICAID FRAUD by prosecuting whistleblowers.' 

'I'm asking Dade Phelan to immediately hold hearings to investigate federal officials and hospital leadership,' he wrote.

'Inaction is complicity.' 

DailyMail.com has reached out to the Department of Justice and Texas Children's Hospital for comment. 


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