Inorganic Waterproofing Agent


Inorganic waterproofing agent
Inorganic waterproofing agent for all kinds of new and old roofs, belong to the room, bathroom, balcony, internal and external walls, ground, basement, underground engineering, human defense, tunnels, culverts, cisterns, swimming pools, aqueducts, reservoirs, dams all kinds of construction projects, water conservancy projects efficient waterproofing moisture and anti-cracking.
1, advanced technology: the waterproofing, water reduction, defoaming function into one, to achieve the waterproof effect at the same time, enhance the compactness of the mortar and waterproof strength. Solve the ordinary waterproofing agent to reduce the strength of cement mortar, easy to cause alkali return, cracking problems.
2, plasticity is good: can do a good job of the yin and Yang corners around the pipe and other meticulous parts of the strengthening process, to facilitate the construction of heterogeneous, complex, narrow waterproofing parts.
3, high strength: waterproof layer thickness of more than 5-10 times the traditional materials, strength more than 40% of the national standard, construction without having to do the protective layer, it can prevent general puncture or external damage.
No delamination: can be constructed in the wet base surface, can be combined with the building surface as a whole, solve the construction of buildings in Sichuan, the base surface humidity, waterproof layer easy to drum, delamination, water scurrying problems.
4, wide application: as long as the cement, brick, stone construction surface, the need for waterproofing, moisture-proof parts, in the water and backwater can be constructed, such as: internal and external walls, roof top, basement, pool, bathroom, etc.
5, environmental protection: non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-combustible, no safety hazards in construction, no environmental pollution after construction. It can be used in waterproofing projects with high requirements for environmental protection and hygiene, such as cited pools, interior decoration, grain storage, etc.

Main performance indicators:
1. seepage resistance mark 23-26MPa (technical national standard minimum seepage resistance grade for 06MPu) freezing test: 25 times freeze-thaw cycle indicators are excellent, can be minus 40-50 ℃, weight loss <2%, strength loss <10%, compressive strength of 28-40Mpa. toxicity determination: non-toxic.
2. by the national cement concrete products quality testing center shows: the main performance indicators in line with the People's Republic of China JC474 -92 standard first-class on, better than the international advanced materials.
3. Appearance: (1) 6# agent is liquid; (2) odor: no odor; (3) color: 6# is slightly milky white; (4) flammability: no.
Performance characteristics: liquid, non-toxic environmental protection non-flammable non-explosive, inorganic non-aging, applied to the roof, exterior walls, bathroom baths, pools, swimming pools, underground works, reservoirs, channels, dams all kinds of engineering waterproof anti-cracking, moisture with water with pressure plugging, no Cl- , Na ⁺, K ⁺, Ca² ⁺. Tested by the National Cement and Concrete Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Material Structure Testing Center, the world's leading, the National Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Ministry of Construction Science and Technology Committee organized by the professor review, issued to the national focus on the promotion of excellent results.
Precautions: the product must be shaken well before use, the specific ratio of use, please refer to the product instructions and labeling atlas, the packaging barrel mouth facing up, vertical, lightly lift and lightly put, static upside down and throw and pressure. Do not use up the mouth seal seal preservation.

Deyang Kejia Building Materials Factory office address is located in Deyang, registered in Deyang City on September 15, 2005, in the factory development and growth of 17 years, we always provide customers with good products and technical support, sound after-sales service. While continuously improving the quality of our existing products, we are developing new products for the leading market with the concept of continuous innovation. Over the years, we have always adhered to the management principle of "science and technology as the guide, market demand as the goal" and taken the developmental road of diversification for the benefit of society. Through long-term unremitting efforts, the enterprise is now developing and manufacturing wall coatings, insulation, waterproofing and other building materials, has been at the forefront of the peer.


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